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Friday, June 4, 2010

I am in the midst of vacation planning!

Sorry, I am so behind in this blog!!!  I finally reached my 45 day mark for my own family trip this summer and had to COMMIT!!! It was killing me and for weeks I went back and forth on how long to stay...where to stay....which flights..... too many decisions and I am commitment phobic.   I used to book room only - which has the nice generous cancellation policy of 6 nights prior to check in.....but with the way I reserved the rooms this year, it was considered a package and I had to 100% commit 45 days out.  SCARY to me....but I did it.  I managed to make a choice.  Not saying I am all over the process and fully satisfied with what I chose....I still go online and dork around with dates and resorts and even my flights.  I always fly SWA to MCO.....so that makes my change it around option viable....and I love that and take some comfort it the ability to swap out flight times or even days!   

For now, we are set for 4 nights at the Yacht Club and then moving over to the Grand Floridian for 6 nights.  I originally had us staying at the WL CL after our Grand Floridian stay, but thought about obligations at home (8 month old Newfie puppy) and the pool turning mucky.....and then do I really want to move three times during one stay?  NO.  So I chopped those last 2 nights off and changed the flight home.  Then of course the regrets hit me....why am I shortening a Disney trip!!!?!!!?!?  What is wrong with me?  We could get the neighbor kid to deal with the pool water & equipment, and I have a nice doggy daycare place lined up for Penny.....we have the vacation time so WHY did I do that?!?!!

In the mean time my husband decided 10 nights was enough for him.  DARN.  I am not sure what over came me and possessed me to shorten my Disney vacation when I had him roped into a 12 night stay.  My daughters are all for the more Disney the better.  But now what's done is done.  There is no going back.  ......or isn't there?! haha....I keep checking.  I can get the Grand for those last 2 nights now.  It wasn't available back when I got the Wilderness Lodge...but it is now.  So the drama continues...I am just waiting with baited breath for a SWA Ding and that would be it - flight switched and an extra 2 nights added on again.....my husband would probably never know.  He has too much other stuff on his mind LOL.  I plan the trips, he comes.  My daughters and I would have a secret little laugh when it came time to pack up (what he thinks is time to pack up) and we didn't have to.  Too late!  We're staying......I'd just have to say, "Don't you remember we talked about these two nights?" LOL....I have him so confused at this point he would have to say "OH ya...." and let it go or we'd get into one of those "YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU" discussions.....and he won't want to go there haha.

So...I am still in planning mode....and with resort and flight planning comes the dining planning!!!!! With the chopped off days I had to rearrange dining so we didn't miss what I had booked on those last 2 days.....

The drama continues........

Disney vacation planning is the best!

I'll be back later with more - once I have more settled. :)

PS...the Disney Cruise was FANTASTIC!!!! I posted pics on Magic Chat Live and on Magic Chat Live on facebook in a Disney Cruise Line album.

Happy planning and happy travels!!

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