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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mickey and Minnie....Homeless in Walt Disney World.......

I hear that come September Toon Town will be going away.  Seems that with the Fantasyland expansion, there is no room for a couple sweet mice & their friends that have made their houses comfy homes for the past several years.

I guess Toon Town was one of those things we kind of took for granted.   My kids always LOVED to tour Mickey and Minnie's homes when we were visiting the Magic Kingdom, but sometimes I never got around to letting them do it.....I thought or said to my kids..."Boring" or "The houses have no air conditioning and it's too hot out" .....or "We don't have time for that"...and the always popular "We'll stop back after we go on (insert anything)" and then we'd never make it back.  BUT when we did take the time to walk through and visit the homes, my kids got such a kick out of them.  Early on when they were little they really BELIEVED that Mickey and Minnie lived here.  They weren't sure about Donald...that boat with all the squirting water didn't seem like it would be comfortable 24/7...even for a duck - and even to kids.    But Mickey and Minnie called Toon Town home. They were sure of it.

I think it's just sort of sad that many kids won't get to visit the houses and know what Mickey likes to do in his spare time...(garden) and how Minnie likes to decorate for the holidays & how she enters her arts and crafts in the fair each year, and what they keep in their refrigerators (cheese, cheese cake, cottage cheese, more cheese....)

Where will Mickey and Minnie live?  Maybe bum some sofas in Cinderella's castle?  Get a couple little apartments on Main Street?  In the last scene of Carousel of Progress??  I hope Disney can figure it out....I feel bad that the big cheese and his girl are being displaced like they are nobodies.......

Here are some photos of the houses and the Toon Town that my kids love.  I hope we get back to see it one more time before it goes away.  I wonder if we'll see Mickey's birdhouse on Ebay?   Or Minnie's neat chair that my kids always had to sit in *if there was a line they would wait their turn.  They HAD to sit in Minnie's wicker chair*  You'll see from the photos LOL.  That chair was a priority. Too bad Mickey's kitchen remodel won't ever be completed.....that's been going on for years now.   My kids used to be sure that one of the times they visited they'd see it all spankin' new and fresh!   Not gonna happen.......I hope Mickey can find a new somewhere nice to hang all his tuxes. 

That was Mickey's cozy little home...... 
But with my two daughters...Minnie's was the BEST!  
 They loved popping in here for a quick visit and to see what Minnie has been up to lately....she is quite the crafter.  
We would have never known 
had it not been for the little tour of her house.


Donald's Boat....the Miss Daisy

Goofy's Barnstormer
I remember the first time my youngest daughter rode this...she thought she was such a big kid riding a roller coaster

And even Pete's Garage....who my 19 year old son knew about from watching 
The Goofy Movie when he was young....

Toon Town was always busy....there was never a shortage of curious visitors.......

Bye Bye Toon Town! We are gonna miss ya!!
*Maybe somebody will change his mind and move them to another part of the Magic Kingdom?*  
I can hope....

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